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Pricing & Fees

Quard International’s remote staffing pricing is straightforward, as it is billed monthly with a single simple invoice. There are no hidden fees or glitches!

Quard International - Remote Staffing Solutions

Remote staffing with Quard International is fully transparent. It consists of three elements and is billed monthly on a single combined invoice.

Employee Direct Expenses

This includes the wages and benefits for each staff member. These items are priced at their actual expense, with no markup. Salaries for each team member are determined at the point of hiring and vary based on their credentials and experience.

Quard International Fees

The Quard International fee is fixed and includes all operating costs such as human resources, payroll, office support, shared meeting rooms, facilities, energy, internet, security, IT aid, infrastructure, and disaster recovery (N+1 power, hot seats, connectivity, and environmental systems).

Increase your return on investment

Remote staffing benefits companies by allowing them to reduce operating costs. We are not attempting to be the cheapest remote staffing solution provider, but we believe we have the highest value in the industry today.

Our advances in innovation, culture, and technology are intended to optimize ROI while also improving efficiency, productivity, and employee retention. Our customers gain from our one-of-a-kind framework, which streamlines staff management and improves workflows to help you get the most out of remote staffing.

Quard International - Remote Staffing Solutions

US - Remote Jobs

Job Title Salary in US Salary in Asia Savings Monthly Savings Annually
Social Media Manager $2,604.80 $800.00 $1,804.80 $21,657.60
Graphic Designer $2,880.00 $900.00 $1,980.00 $23,760.00
Accountant – US Trained $3,310.40 $800.00 $2,510.40 $30,124.80
Software Engineer $5,716.80 $1,600.00 $4,116.80 $49,401.60
Writer $3,278.40 $850.00 $2,428.40 $29,140.80
Project Manager $4,156.80 $700.00 $3,456.80 $41,481.60
Customer Service Representative $2,324.80 $840.00 $1,484.80 $17,817.60
Sales & Business Development Manager $3,153.60 $950.00 $2,203.60 $26,443.20
Account Manager $2,987.20 $880.00 $2,107.20 $25,286.40
Web Developer $3,412.80 $1,100.00 $2,312.80 $27,753.60
Data Analyst $3,428.80 $850.00 $2,578.80 $30,945.60
Editor $3,318.40 $750.00 $2,568.40 $30,820.80
UX Designer $5,633.60 $950.00 $4,683.60 $56,203.20
YouTube / Video Editor $3,200.00 $800.00 $2,400.00 $28,800.00
Digital Marketing Executive $7,680.00 $850.00 $6,830.00 $81,960.00

Quard International - Remote Staffing Solutions

Build your dream team with Team Builder

Team Builder is a perfect tool for comparing the expense of creating an overseas team with Quard International remote staffing to the cost of hiring the same quality staff locally.

It’s easy! You only have to choose the roles you require, the types of expertise you need, and the number of employees you need. Then determine if the staff can work at home or in an office. Team Builder would demonstrate to you how much the team would cost if you recruited them locally and how much you might save from using Quard International remote staffing.