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The organization has witnessed phenomenal growth in all aspects of its market year after year due to a wealth of local talent and solid, seasoned management.

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Quard International remote staffing is the turning point of outsourcing, increasing productivity, manageability, and overall results. We are dedicated to providing a quality outsourcing experience for your company that offers excellent value with no hidden fees.


Years of

We’ll put together a fantastic offshore team to help you improve your profitability and expand your company.

What We Do

We help enterprises to be more competitive by utilizing smarter outsourcing.

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Quard International outsourcing is a game-changer – we leverage on successful outsourcing.

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Excellent Work! Vey Professional. Excellent Communication. A Pleasure to Work With. I Strongly Recommend This Company For Your Next Web Project.

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Web Design & Development

We can transform your infrastructure to support and enable your business plan in a competitive market.

Social Media Management

We assist our clients with the establishment of intranets, project portals, and external sharing portals.

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IT Solutions & Projects

We assist businesses in resolving day-to-day technology issues while keeping up with the ever-changing industry and handling data security with the highest discretion.

Why Choose Quard International?

To provide better remote staffing solutions, we combine the right people, the most precise technology, and world-class facilities.

Easier to

Our remote staffing solutions are easier to implement, as we help you throughout the process from the beginning to the end.

Growth Rate

Thanks to our exceptional remote teams, your company can achieve the expected growth without any fail.

No Hidden

Our accurate quotes give the big picture. And no hidden costs whatsoever.

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Quard International assists companies of all types in lowering operating expenses and streamlining business processes by providing trained, full-time qualified staff at a fraction of the cost of conventional recruiting. Our creative remote staffing framework unlocks the core value of outsourcing by providing you with real-time insight, accurate reporting, and complete management of the staff. It eliminates the complexities of collaborating with remote teams.

We are committed to brightening your future. Our management and success teams will be there with you each step of the way to ensure you get the best out of remote staffing.

Our remote staffing framework fits smoothly within your workforce, is quick to launch, highly flexible, and can save you money in the long run.

Quard International remote staffing solution is supported by a network of industry experts with real-world expertise who can empower you in achieving your goals.

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